Antimicrobial Socks

That means less odor causing bacteria microbes.


Active Silver Protection

Positively charged silver ions are attached to negatively charged pathogens targeting the cell walls of odor causing bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Less Bacteria Means Less Odor

Hygieia's technology inhibits the growth of bacteria and pathogens in fabric, eliminating odor. Hygieia textiles are made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the surface of a fiber.

Smelly Socks Are A Thing Of The Past.

Socks That Actively Fight Bacteria & Odor At The Source

HYGIEIA Men's White Athletic Odor Resistant Sport Socks
  • Less Odor

    Hygieia inhibits the growth of bacteria on fabrics, eliminating pathogens and odor

  • Anti-Microbial

    Metalic silver is widely known for its antibacterial and antimicrobial properties

  • ASP™ Technology

    Hygieia is the result of years of testing & research for military applications 

  • Natural Elements

    Hygieia is made by permanently bonding 99.9% metallic silver to the fiber.

  • Advanced Research

    Hygieia is the result of years of testing & research for military applications and beyond.

  • Push Harder, Go Further.

    With Hygieia's active silver protection technology the last thing you will be worrying about is foot odor.

  • Smell Fresh, Longer.

    The permanent performance of Hygieia keeps our products smelling fresher for longer.

Anti-Microbial Silver

Hygieia utilizes the power of silver embedded into a variety of fabrics to help inhibit pathogen growth.

The Reviews Are In

I work construction and decided to try these out because my normal socks smell terrible at the end of the day. I took these off at the end of the day and there was no smell, so I decided to try them for a second day, then a third day in a row and still no smell. Great product and value. ! Easy choice!

Im amazing! This sock is unbelievable! I couldn't believe it works! I tried the sock for one week without wash, and it still doesn't smell. Its so comfortable, cool, amazing. I'm blown away.. Will buy more for my family and friends. I give you A+.

The Hygieia socks are really well made, comfortable to wear and seem to stay fresh and pleasant smelling even after several days of wear. Highly recommend.

I just got back from competing in the UCI Road World Championships in Bergen (no I did not win) and I have to say these socks really held up well. I took these socks out of my bag after a 10 hour flight and they did not smell! They were in a dirty laundry bag for almost two days! They were very comfortable and didn't slide down. I honestly cant imagine wearing any other socks now.